We've compiled a list of most commonly asked questions from our customers. If you have a question that's not on this page, please feel free to email us

Do I already need to have professional plans in place?

No, we can talk to you about your proposals and give you all the advice you need if you have not had plans drawn already. If you wish to use an architect to make the best use of your existing or new space, we will be happy to provide recommendations if required.

Do you only do large building projects?

No. We have an extensive list of services which incorporate building requirements. Some of our services include Loft conversions, home extensions, room renovations, kitchen and bathroom installations. See our services page for in-depth detail, or call us directly on 01375 768 482

Will I have to apply for planning permission?

We recommend contacting your local authority if you are looking to extend your home, change the exterior outline or the interior style of your home, or if you are extending your home into existing space – such as turning the loft or the basement into a habitable space.

This is also recommended if you are planning to change the use of a property (eg from commercial to residential, or vice-versa), or if you are planning to build or change features present on a listed or protected building.

It is especially vital that you ask about planning permission before you start any type of building work, as your local authority can force you to remove any changes and return your home to its previous state if you do work without gaining permission first. Although some work does not require permission, such as very small extensions such as the addition of a porch, and some loft conversions do not require permission, it is still essential to check first.

How much does it cost to apply for planning permission?

The fees that you will pay for Planning and Building Control can vary, and is hugely dependent on your local authority, and the size of the new build, extension or conversion you are proposing.

Planning can cost around £150 with full building control plans from £100.

Are there further planning charges?

Once planning permission is obtained and building has commenced, the local authority can send planning inspectors for which you will be charged. We will plan and arrange their visits, should your build need them, on your behalf and will obtain the final completion certificate as guarantee that the local authority is confident that the work has been completed to the required standard.

If the build is close to a public sewer, you will need to pay fees to the local water authority which start at around £350.

How long will the work take?

Because we offer all manner of building, extension and conversion services the length of time your project will take will depend on its size and complexity. For instance, if you are having a small bathroom installed or refitted, this will take substantially less time than adding a large extension.

We will talk to you about how long your individual project will take.

Will you decorate and completely finish the project?

We love to finish a home to the standard we are used to. Premium design, build and installation takes real skill and organisation – something that we have spent years perfecting. We offer our services from the planning stage, through to completion – both inside and out.

If that includes flooring, tiling, skirting boards, plastering and decorating then we will be more than happy to do that. If you prefer to use your own reputable decorator, then we can finish off so that he or she can take over the finishing touches where you wish.

If you wish exterior to be finished off perfectly, then part of our job is to complete the property – this includes having doors and windows fitted, adding new fascias and soffits (where your home has been extended) and all of the weather repelling finishes that your home must have.

Can I see your previous work?

Yes of course. In fact, we recommend it because we are very proud, as have been our clients.

Not only do we showcase our premium building projects and installations on the gallery section on our website, we keep all letters and emails from customers which we are happy to supply you with – we show you those client responses who have expressly given their permission to share telephone or email contacts so that you can contact them about our work.

Do I have to arrange extras such as scaffolding and skips?

No. We will arrange every extra that we need to complete your building, extension or renovation project to a quality standard, with as little disruption to you and your home.

What guarantees do you offer?

We are fully accredited through the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) so a specific percentage of the total building costs are covered under this scheme.

Because we finish our projects to a very high standard, we rarely receive complaints. That said, we always answer queries relating to finished work, especially as it settles, and will always revisit you to remedy minor and major issues concerning our work should they arise.